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Primal Essence

Natural Extract Ingredients


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If you're looking for highest quality extracts to use in your food & beverage products, then you've come to the right place. See what Primal Essence extracts can do to help your formulation projects taste better, add value, and stay on budget.


About Primal Essence

Primal Essence is a family-owned and operated ingredient manufacturer based in Southern California. We provide the highest quality organic extracts to the Food & Beverage Industry, and after 25 years, we think we're getting pretty good at it. 

Primal Essence specializes in processing pure oil and oleoresin extracts into water-based solutions, allowing you to use powerful, all-natural extracts in all of your food and beverage applications.

All-natural & Organic

All products are certified-organic or organic compliant, free from chemicals, GMOs, and solvents


Our extracts are unique because they mix in water, allowing you to use them in sauces, beverages, and much more

Reliable Supply Chains

Our trusted partners have been working with us for 25 years to ensure that our ingredients are always available for you

Clean Extraction

We use CO2 & Steam Distillation to provide the cleanest extracts that are free from chemical solvents for the purest tastes and aromas

Free & Fast Samples

We know how important the R&D process is, so we ship our sample products as fast as we can, at no cost to you

Efficient Usage

Our extracts are so powerful that 2% of volume or less will provide excellent results - helping your project stay on budget without compromising on quality and taste

Made to Order

All of our products are made-to-order, which means that you get to enjoy powerful extracts with the longest shelf life

Custom Pack Sizes

We want to make it easy for your production team or co-packer to work with us, so we provide batch-ready packaging upon request

Natural Flavors

We do not synthesize any flavors, and only produce extracts from the highest quality ingredients that nature has provided 

Our Best-Selling Products

Extract Ingredients for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

Image of various herbs and powdered spices gathered on a white surface
Image of various oranges, limes, and lemons either whole or cut in half
Close up shot of lavender in a field with sun setting in background

Herb & Spice Extracts

Try our ginger, black pepper, or specialty chai spice blends

Citrus Extracts

Refresh your beverages with Orange, Lemon, or Lime Extracts

Floral Extracts

Add unique aromatics with Rose, Lavender, Jasmine Extracts


1351 Maulhardt Ave.

Oxnard, CA 93030





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