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Hello! We're Primal Essence

We've Probably Met Before

Chances are, you have already tried our extracts in an authentic chai spice blend, or a refreshing organic seltzer or kombucha. Maybe you've tasted a unique and flavorful broth, sauce, or baked good that made you go, "wow!"


Whether it's in a can or on the shelf, our extracts have played supporting roles to some of your favorite natural food and beverage products.

That's because Primal Essence has been serving the manufacturers of the food & beverage industry with premium, all-natural extracts since 1998. We started as a small team of 3 family members, and still work together as a family to this day.

We believe that the ingredients in food should be natural, pure, powerful, and beneficial. We aim to provide exactly that by producing our extracts with the highest standards of care and service to our customers and partners in the food and beverage industry.


To learn more about extracts, or how Primal Essence operates, check out our FAQ page.  

Familiar Friends

We are grateful to be partnered with some of the most recognizable brands in the food & beverage industry 

grid of company logos of food and beverage manufacturers, PepsiCo, Kraft Heinz, Sun Opta, Straus Family Creamery, Kerry, Campbell's, Pacific Foods, Lee Kum Kee, Starbucks


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